Aurisse International Legal Consultants
AJLC provides legal consultancy services to large corporate houses and investment banks in India and the free zones in the UAE. Our services include:

Advising our clients on all aspects of making a public offer in  an international or a non-local market. Our advice encompasses the Indian exchange control regulations, and the applicable guidelines issued from time to time by the various Indian authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India, Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India
Drafting the requisite documents for the  domestic Initial Public Offering / Follow on Public Offer / ADR/GDR/IDR issue. In drafting these documents, we take into cognizance the requirements under various relevant Indian laws, guidelines and regulations and the requirements of the underwriters and overseas stock exchange
Conducting a legal due diligence exercise in the context of the disclosure to be made by the issuer in the registration statement/prospectus
Assisting the issuer company to comply with all domestic / overseas listing requirements by co-coordinating with the foreign counsel and also by resolving conflicts if any, between Indian company law requirements and the listing requirements of the overseas exchange
Advising our clients on issues relating to the raising of debt capital including the Indian regulatory approvals required, restrictions on the payment of interest to foreign investors and tax related issues.
  b) DIFC-related
Advising on all regulatory aspects related to formation of companies in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Assistance in complying with the licensing requirements of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
Designing, implementing and monitoring the compliance procedures at the regulated firms
Advising on compliance and Anti-money laundering procedures and processes
Advising on regulatory reporting
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