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NAV Calculations :
Fund performance is all about the NAV…calculation of the net asset value of fund units should be accurate and timely…

Our primary task as a NAV Calculation Agent is to reconcile the books and records of the fund and ultimately calculate the net asset value. We receive investment data through a variety of electronic means. In addition to this, we obtain pricing for some of the complex instruments from external data vendors. Sophisticated systems are employed to ensure that the client information is processed and reported in the most efficient and reliable manner. Reports are then delivered by electronic as well as non-electronic means according to individual client preferences.


Our experience Fund Administration and Valuation staff delivers cost effective, convenient, timely and flexible solutions for the following services:
Maintenance of Monthly accounting records of a fund including Individual Account Statements.
Maintenance of full multi-currency accounting records.
Calculation of fees (including management and performance fees).
Allocation of income and expense.
Calculation of Net Asset Value (on a monthly, quarterly or custom basis)
Transactions, balance, positions and valuation, reconciliation with Bank, Broker & Other service providers.
Preparation of Investor Roll-forward.
Preparation of Performance Tables & Capsule
Preparation of Portfolio valuation reports and other reporting.
Preparation of Attribution reports.
Preparation of customized Statistical reports for marketing and analysis.
Maintenance of historical administration records, wherever necessary.
Assistance in the audit process.
Preparation of unaudited interim and annual financial statements.
Assistance in structuring of alternative investment products - we have experience in concepts such as equalization
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NAV Calculations
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