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Fund administration :
A successful fund has three key ingredients- _______ fund manager, timing of investments and proper fund administraton…

We provide fund administration and accounting services to investment managers, including the following services:

Monthly Accounting :

At the end of each accounting period, we gather financial data from brokers, banks and other sources and reconcile internal records with this data. We then enter all financial and investor transactions into our fund accounting system and calculate management fees, loss carryforwards and incentive allocations in accordance with the terms of the fund’s offering documents and IFRS. All entries and financial statements are then reviewed to insure they are accurate and complete. Although the types of reports can differ based on the nature of the fund and the preferences of the manager, the following reports are typically produced:

Investor Account Statements
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Trial Balance Report
General Ledger Listing
Statement of Changes in Partner’s Capital
Investor Summary Report
Performance Table rt

Audit Assistance

We have extensive tie-ups with local auditors to help insure a timely and efficient completion of the annual audit. We will prepare all required schedules, create and distribute confirmation letters, explain all financial transactions and generally assist in the completion of the audit.

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