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Third Party Control on Movement of Funds

Investors are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of adequate controls on the movement of money from unregulated private investment funds. To address this, we initiate a dual control system that requires the approval of both Al Jabha and a representative of the fund before capital can be transferred out of the fund.


Processing of Subscriptions and Redemptions
We perform the services necessary to process investor subscriptions and redemptions including review of all subscription documents, issuance of welcome letters, communications with the investor to obtain needed information not included with the subscription documents, determining how the investor wishes to receive communications (mail or email) determining the proper tax classification of new investors, verification of authenticity and eligibility of redemption requests, calculation of distribution amounts, the initiation of wire transfers and other activities related to this function.

AML Compliance
We insure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering requirements as required by local regulatory bodies. We apply appropriate AML policies and procedures, maintain required investor information and records of AML activities and respond to governmental and regulatory requests for information.

Distribution of Communications to Investors
We distribute monthly statements, notices, audit reports and tax forms to your investors and any other interested parties designated by an investor. When possible, these reports will be distributed via electronic mail by means of our Online Reporting System. This system enables the investor to receive documents by email or by visiting a secure website where the documents are archived.

Distribution and Tracking of Offering Documents
We distribute Offering Documents to prospective investors, maintain a distribution list to comply with sound business practices and the private offering regulations and maintain files with signed original copies of all subscription documents.

Management Company Accounting
We maintain the financial accounting records for the management company of the fund on a monthly basis. Each month, we will create a comprehensive set of financial reports for the management company including an Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Daily Reconciliation of Trades
For managers with a high volume of trading activity, we can assist in the reconciliation of trading data received from the manager with reports received from the fund’s prime broker and other trading counterparties.

Calculation of Payments to Sales Personnel
We can calculate commissions or sales fees due to sales agents at multiple levels. Our sales tracking system accommodates a variety of payout structures. These include front-end loads, percentages based on commissions, manager fees or management company fees or other fees. Fee payments can vary by sales representative or by individual client and may be delayed until after a specific amount of time has passed.

Other Customized Services
We are able to provide or develop other products or services on customized basis to meet needs that are specific to individual funds..
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